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Jumuia Hotel Kisumu enjoys a coveted location in the city center adjacent to United Mall. The facility is a 5-minute drive from Kisumu International Airport and a 3-minute drive from the famous Lake Victoria. Jumuia Hotel Kisumu is part of Jumuia Resorts Chain, a subsidiary of the National Council of Churches of Kenya.

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Plan for your dream wedding, meet our banquets and events service team for a complimentary room for wedding couple on the wedding night on bed and breakfast when you book our wedding ground inclusive of catering.


Jumuia Hotel Kisumu is available to Churches at pocket-friendly rates. Enjoy our facilities ranging from conferencing for yearly breakfast meeting for clergies e.t.c

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Thinking of a getaway destination for the weekend? You areabout to spend countless hours by the pool, if you plan on doing summer the right way.

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Take an adventure to various places around Kisumu in Dunga Beach, Impala Park, Kisumu Museum, Kit Mikayi, Kakamega Forest e.t.c

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